Approved Supervision

Approved Supervision Designation: Standards Handbook

Effective January 1, 2014 all new applicants for the Approved Supervisor Designation must adhere to the 2014 Approved Supervision Designation: Standard Handbook for a complete description of the standards, responsibilities and guidelines for marriage and family therapy supervision. Please click above to obtain the latest version of the Handbook, version 5 (updated March 2019), which contains the latest information on standards and revisions for the designation.

Fundamentals of Supervision Course

AAMFT Approved Supervisors ensure a learning environment that is supportive and nurturing while providing therapists and trainees access to the latest innovations in the field. As part of the application process, Clinical Fellows and Pre-Clinical Fellows interested in the Approved Supervisor designation must complete a 30-hour Fundamentals of Supervision course. This course is comprised of a 15-hour didactic portion, a 15-hour interactive portion, and a personal philosophy of supervision paper and can be completed online.

Approved Supervision Refresher Course

To maintain the highest quality supervisors in the field, AAMFT requires that Approved Supervisors take a refresher course prior to the renewal of their designation. This online course is designed specifically to meet that requirement and to keep participants up to date on the practice of clinical supervision.

Live Supervision Course Events

If you prefer an in-person experience in a class-room setting, AAMFT offers several live supervision course events aside from the online courses. Presented by experienced Approved Supervisor instructors, these live events ensure an interactive learning environment that is supportive and nurturing to the therapists and trainees who are working toward the AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designation. There will be no live supervision (in-person) events for the remainder of 2020. AAMFT will re-evaluate in-person events in the beginning of 2021.

Approved Supervisor Designation Consultation

Have questions regarding the AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designation? Schedule a Consultation. 

Current AAMFT Approved Supervisors or AAMFT members who are currently in training for the AAMFT Approved Supervisor designation, or who are planning to become an AAMFT Approved Supervisor in the future, can consult with AAMFT’s Approved Supervisor Designation Manager regarding any questions you may have about the AAMFT Approved Supervisor standards, pre-requisites and requirements for the designation, maintaining and renewing the designation, clarification on the Approved Supervisor handbook, etc. 

Consultations are in 15 minute increments. Schedule a phone consultation at this link . Please note that you must call the number provided in the confirmation email at the time scheduled. If you cannot make the appointment, please cancel the appointment so that others may be able to access that time. Consultations are typically available during the following hours: 

Tuesdays: 9:00am - 1:00 pm Eastern time
Wednesdays: 9:00am - 1:00 pm Eastern time
Thursdays: 9:00am -1:00 pm Eastern time

Diversity and Inclusivity

It is a core value in AAMFT to support, promote, and protect diversity, to value all individuals and groups as free from prejudice and oppression as possible, and to foster a climate where equity and mutual respect are intrinsic. AAMFT will continue to uphold these standards of diversity and inclusivity. Please view our D&I statement here.

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