Certification Badges

What are Digital Badges?

We are committed to providing you with the tools necessary to achieve your professional goals and we understand that communicating your credentials in an ever-expanding online marketplace can be challenging. That is why we have partnered with Credly’s Acclaim platform to provide you with a digital version of your credentials. Digital badges can be used in email signatures or digital resumes, and on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This digital image contains verified metadata that describes your qualifications and the process required to earn them.

For all AAMFT Digital Badges, we will be using the Credly badge platform. Download Credly's comprehensive Badge Earners Guide here .   


What do the badges look like? 

This is what your issued badge will look like. These are not official badges. Please do not download these files. 

Approved Supervisor

AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designation is the highest and most prestigious designation in the MFT field. Our Approved Supervisors fulfill stringent education and clinical training requirements to achieve this designation. Becoming an AAMFT Approved Supervisor demonstrates a strong commitment of developing one’s supervisory skills as well as helping the next generation of systemic family therapists. It is recognized globally and accepted by most US state licensing boards requiring MFT supervision.

Certificate of Leadership

The Certificate of Leadership program is an 18-month program designed to strengthen leadership and communications skills among MFTs. The program utilizes a mixed modality of training methods and culminates in a self-designed research and reflection project. Past participants have gone on to hold leadership positions in leading universities, public policy institutions, community health agencies, as well as the private and non-profit industries.

Clinical Fellow Designation

The AAMFT Clinical Fellow Designation indicates a therapist has completed the rigorous training standards for independent practice of marriage and family therapy and are held to the highest ethical standards. Clinical Fellow Designees demonstrate specific education, clinical training, and supervision in systemic marriage and family therapy. AAMFT Clinical Fellow Designation is recognized by the US state licensure boards and worldwide as the standard for education and training in systemic therapy. 

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