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2015 Code of Ethics: Emerging Issues in MFT Practice

CE Credits: 1.50 Speaker(s): Waymon R. Hinson, PhD; James P. Morris, PhD This webinar will provide attendees with information about the following Standards in the AAMFT Code of Ethics: Standard III: Professional Responsibility; Standard VI: Technology-Assisted Professional Services; Standart VII: Professional Evaluations Lead presenter, Waymon Hinson, PhD, will be joined by Roberta Graham, MMFT, to discuss the revisions Standards III, as well as the new additions to the Code, Standard VI and Standard VII, and to address your questions on what the revisions might mean for your practice.

2015 Code of Ethics: Managing Information in the Practice...

CE Credits: 1.50 Speaker(s): James P. Morris, PhD This webinar will provide attendees with information about the revisions to the Preamble in the AAMFT Code of Ethics, as well as the following Standards in the AAMFT Code of Ethics: Standard II: Confidentiality; Standard V: Research and Publication; Standart IX: Advertising Lead presenter, James Morris, PhD, will be joined by Waymon Hinson, PhD, and Roberta Graham, MMFT, to discuss the revisions to the Preamble and these Standards and to address your questions on what the revisions might mean for your practice.

2015 Code of Ethics: Responsibilities to Clients and Sup...

CE Credits: 1.50 Lead presenter, Dale Bertram, PhD, will be joined by Waymon Hinson, PhD, and Roberta Graham, MMFT, to discuss the revisions to these Standards and to address your questions on what the revisions might mean for your practice. This webinar will provide attendees with information about the revisions to the following Standards in the AAMFT Code of Ethics: Standard I: Responsibility to Clients Standard IV: Responsibility to Students and Supervisees Standard VIII: Financial Arrangements

2022 Institutes for Advanced Systemic Family Therapy

Take a break and join AAMFT in Boston, Massachusetts as we gather together to earn continuing education, network and study under an expert in the field of systemic family therapy. The Institutes are designed with the experienced clinician in mind and are presented by experts in the field. Participants study in one of four intensive courses that reflect the clinical challenges mental health professionals face today. Classes are intentionally kept small to create a personal and interactive setting. In addition, our opening and closing keynotes offer a wonderful opportunity to meet with the instructors and your fellow participants to exchange ideas and discuss today’s issues at length. Daily breakfast and lunch gatherings offer an excellent opportunity for networking with participants from across the globe.  We will also be hosting a Supervision Refresher for those that need to fulfill the required course for all approved Supervisors. The institutes are approved to provide 12 hours of continuing education with an additional 6 for those registering for the Supervision Refresher Course.
Wednesday, July 06, 2022
Friday, July 08, 2022
Boston Marriott Long Wharf
296 State Street
Boston, MA 02109
$275.00 - $870.00
$375.00 - $1,070.00

30 Hour Fundamentals - June Virtual Course

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This 30-hour intensive program is designed to fulfill the complete course requirement for the AAMFT Approved Supervisor designation, and satisfies the supervisory training requirements for many state laws. By the end of the course, participants will be able to articulate a beginning philosophy of supervision paper that reflects their preferred personal model of supervision, their choices of supervisory modalities, as well as their preferred supervisory roles. This interactive course includes a variety of exercises and group discussions and prepares participants to supervise in a variety of therapy settings including private practice, agencies, and academia. Also, the philosophy of supervision paper must be satisfactorily completed within 1 month after the last session of the course in order to receive a certificate of completion.
Friday, June 03, 2022
Monday, June 06, 2022

A Roadmap for Couple Therapy

Speaker: Arthur Nielsen
CE Credit: 1.0

This course is provided by the Couples and Intimate Relationships Network; find out more and how to join at

Couple therapy is a complex undertaking that proceeds best by integrating various schools of thought. Grounded in an in-depth review of the clinical and research literature, and drawing on the presenter's 40-plus years of experience, this webinar will present a comprehensive, flexible, and user-friendly roadmap for conducting couple therapy. We begin by describing "Couple Therapy 1.0," the basic conjoint couple therapy format in which partners talk to each other with the help of the therapist. After noting the limitations of this model, we take up upgrades derived from systemic, psychodynamic, and behavioral/educational approaches, and show how to combine and sequence them. The most important upgrade is the early focus on the couple's negative interaction cycle, which causes them pain and impedes their ability to address it. Using clinical case examples, the webinar will show how all three approaches can improve couple process as a prerequisite for better problem solving. Additional modules and sequencing choice points are also discussed, including discernment counseling and encouraging positive couple experiences.

AAMFT Presents: Alzheimer's and the Family

Images/Events/Harvey Joanning Headshot.jpg

Part One:

This presentation will walk participants through the stages of Alzheimer’s disease, describing changes in the person experiencing the disease; changes and needs of family members living with the person; and interventions and resources needed by the family during each stage. A brief overview of the disease process and interventions that may slow the progress of the disease will also be given. Suggestions for life style changes to prevent Alzheimer’s disease will be summarized. 1 hour of continuing education is available.

Learning Objectives:  

1. Understand the Alzheimer’s Disease process and its effect on individuals .

2. Understand the stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and how to help families cope with each stage.

3. Understand how to minimize the chances of developing Alzheimer’s Disease.

Part Two:

The percentage of Americans aged 65 and older is estimated to increase to over one in five within the next ten years. However, under the current regulations, these Americans are denied Medicare insurance coverage for over 40% of the therapy providers in the country. In a recent study conducted by AAMFT, over 85% of Americans aged 65 and older surveyed indicated that inclusion of LMFTs and LMHCs as Medicare providers would help seniors.

Join AAMFT for this special bonus interactive advocacy session where we highlight other findings from the study and together, we take action urging our members of Congress to ask for their support in LMFT inclusion in Medicare. .5 hours of continuing education is available.

Learning Objectives:

In this session, participants will:

1. Learn more about the outcomes of a recent study of older Americans and their attitudes, needs, and encountered barriers to mental health treatment.

2. Find out the most self-identified clinical issues facing older Americans today.

3. Learn more about potential inclusion of MFTs in Medicare.

4. Understand policy advocacy for the MFT profession.

Harvey Joanning, PhD is a dual licensed psychologist and family therapist who specializes in neuropsychology and treating Alzheimer's families. He now co-directs the Neurobiology of Relationships Study in the Department of Psychology at the University of South Alabama, and formerly founded accredited doctoral programs in Couples and Family Therapy at Texas Tech University and Iowa State University.


Thursday, May 26, 2022

Addressing Suicide among LGBTQ+ Youth

CE credits: 1 Speaker: Judy Russon

Suicide is a growing public health issue among adolescents and young adults. Due to discrimination, stigma, and experiences of rejection, LGBTQ+ youth are disproportionately affected by suicide. While the majority of LGBTQ+ youth are healthy, resilient and have strong support systems, many experience significant distress without support. The purpose of this webinar is to provide family therapists with an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to approach this clinical population with a balance of sensitivity, humility, and self-assuredness. First, two theories will be presented to explain the disproportionate rates of suicide among LGBTQ+ youth. Next, a brief review of prominent risk and protective factors will be described. Finally, treatment approaches, designed or adapted for LGBTQ+ youth, will be discussed and illustrated with case examples. Special attention will be paid to systemic models targeting suicidality.

Affirming Bisexuality: Individual & Relational Therapy

CE Credits: 3.00 This session will explore the meaning and requisites of affirmative therapy, increase participants’ understanding of the bisexual identity, and discuss clinical considerations for working with bisexual clients individually and relationally. Participants will reflect upon personal experiences, beliefs, and assumptions, contemplate the distinctive experiences of bisexual people, and apply this insight to recognize and meet the therapeutic needs of bisexual clients.

Alzheimer's Review: Coping with Losing a Loved One

CE Credits: 1.50 Speaker(s): Terry D. Hargrave, PhD This webinar provides an overview of Alzheimer’s in the United States as well as effective treatment strategies to help families cope with the diagnosis, loss, and grief. Therapeutic methods of life review and life validation as well as reconciliation will be discussed and demonstrated through discussion and role-plays.