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Treating Technology Issues in Couples' Relationships

CE Credits: 2.00 Speaker(s): Ronald J. Chenail, Jr., PhD; Cathy Ponczek, MFT; Melissa Schacter, DMFT; Laquana Young; Ron Osborne-Williams While technology can enhance interpersonal relationships it may also have deleterious effects on these same interactions resulting in couples seeking psychotherapy. Research suggests different technology-relationship problem patterns and what interventions work. In this seminar, participants will learn these research findings and practice how to conceptualize, treat, and assess progress when working with these couples.

Unfolding the Laundry

This live therapy session, recorded in 1984 by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and digitally re-mastered in 2007, features Salvador Minuchin conducting a live family therapy session with a family. The featured family is a large, blended, recently married couple with dual-careers and five stepchildren. The identified patient is the youngest son (age 11) who is acting out. After defocusing attention on the identified patient and re-labeling much of the sibling behavior, attention is focused on the couple. The use of simplicity and humor to lure the family into desiring the necessary change and following the family's lead in defining the problem illustrates Minuchin's expert ability at not being an expert. Approx. Time: 87 minutes