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Exhibiting at the Annual Conference

2017 Annual Conference: October 5 - 8; Atlanta, GA

Why exhibit with AAMFT?

AAMFT’s Annual Conference brings together the largest number of marriage and family therapists than any other association. Marriage and family therapists represent a highly educated, niche market that address and influence a multitude of family issues, research, and education. They are involved in increasing relevance and influence in the ever changing institutions of marriage and family. Exhibiting with AAMFT is a unique opportunity to connect with over 1,500 mental health professionals and students.

  • Market your products and services
  • Create new professional contacts
  • Networking opportunities
  • Recruit staff
  • Recruit students seeking masters and PhD programs
  • Develop potential internship opportunities
  • Gain resources and information from other exhibitors
  • Stay relevant within the mental health field 

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Conference Demographics

  • 40% of attendees are new to the conference
  • 64% of attendees are licensed therapists
  • 35% have been AAMFT members for 10 or more years.
  • 95% of attendees visit the exhibit hall during each conference.

Your booth includes...

  • 25 word description of company and link to your website on AAMFT’s conference page
  • 10’x10’ booth space  
  • 44”x7” identification sign  
  • 24-hour security  
  • One 6’draped tables, two chairs, and wastepaper basket 
  • Carpet
  • Access to the exhibitor lounge  
  • One complimentary conference registration  
  • 25-word listing in the On-Site Guide (For exhibitors registered by July 10, 2017) 

Booth Packages and Pricing

Exhibit Booth Options

On/Before May 1, 2017

After May 1, 2017

Interior booth only 



Corner booth only (limited number available)



 Island Booth - 20' x 20'  (limited number available) 



Interior Booth and keynote advertising slides 

$ 1,700


Corner Booth* and keynote advertising slides 



Interior Booth and One (1) 2017 e-Newsletter Ad** 



Corner Booth* and One (1) 2017 e-Newsletter Ad**



Interior Booth and Tote Bag Inserts 



Corner Booth* and Tote Bag Inserts



One Interior Booth, Tote Bag Inserts, One 2017 e-Newsletter Ad** 



One Corner Booth*, Tote Bag Inserts, One 2017 e-Newsletter Ad**



Island Booth*, Tote Bag Inserts, and One 2017 e-Newsletter Ad** 



* While Available

** 195 x 195 pixel size ad

For more information about exhibit opportunities contact our marketing department at marketing@aamft.org