Research Discussions

The Research Discussions have been given a facelift! Join your colleagues to listen to and discuss the latest marriage and family therapy research. Each discussion period has been designed to give participants a more in-depth look at the field than ever before. Listen as authors discuss their research and have the opportunity to ask detailed questions. 

Session 1

Friday, September 4, 7:15 – 8:15 a.m.

Cutting Edge Research Selections:

  • Antisocial Family Process and Empathy, Depression, and Anxiety (Trevor Dahle, James Harper)
  • Predictors of Development and Course of Therapeutic Alliance (Erica Rouleau, Andrea Wittenborn, Ting Liu, Ryan Seedall)

Research Selections:

  • Adolescent Marijuana Use with Parents and Peers as Factors (Jason Lefrandt, Chiemti Lee, Laura Walker)
  • Caregivers’ Experience of Adolescent Substance Use Issues (Jenna Scott)
  • East meets West: A New Perspective to Family Therapy (Hao-Min Chen, Karen Quek)
  • Effects of an Eating Disorder Prevention Program in Primary Care (Deanna Linville, Erin Cobb, Tracy Lenee Bluhm, Gabriela Lopez-Zeron)
  • Exploring Family Discord and Adolescents with Disordered Eating (Katharine Wickel Didericksen, Jerica Berge, Peter Hannan, Steven Harris, Richard MacLehose, Diane Newmark-Svtainer)
  • Friends with Benefits Relationships among Rural Youth (Jasmin Carmona, Amber Letcher)
  • Grief in Adults Who Experienced Parental Death in Childhood (Claire Meyer-Lee, Jeffrey Jackson)
  • Hindering Factors in Filial Therapy (Zuzana Gassova, Amanda Westmoreland)
  • How Foster Parents Experience the Loss of Foster Children (Jennifer Newquist, Linda Ladd)
  • Narratives of Minority Parent Pushing Through Autism (Monique Willis)
  • Parental Involvement and Adolescent Alcohol Use (Jonathan Kimmes, Jared Durtschi)
  • Pediatric Obesity: Health Disparities and Treatment (Andrea Meyer, Morgan Stinson, Monique Willis, Torree Nwachukwu, Neva Evans, Kirby Davis)
  • Predicting Trajectories of Binge Drinking to Young Adulthood (Kristy Soloski, Jared Durtschi)
  • Promoting Father Involvement in Fragile Families (Shalini Mirpuri, Amy Claridge)
  • Race, Ethnicity and Depression among At-Risk Youth (Jamila Reynolds, Melinda Gonzales-Backen, Lenore McWey)
  • Siblings as a Protective Factor for Youth in Foster Care (Armeda Stevenson Wojciak, Lenore McWey)
  • The State of LGB Affirmative Training: Faculty Perceptions (Christine McGeorge, Thomas Stone Carlson)
  • Understanding Depression as a Systemic Syndrome (Andrea Wittenborn, Jennifer Rick, Niyousha Hosseinichimeh, Hazhir Rahmandad)
  • What are You Thinking? Older Couples and Perspective Taking (Jakob Jensen, Allen Sabey, Amy Rauer)

Session 2

Friday, September 4, 6:15 – 7:15 p.m.

Cutting Edge Research Selections:

  • Adult Attachment, Neuroticism, and Current Couple Satisfaction (Flor Yousefian Tehrani, Jeffrey Jackson)
  • Depression History, Familism, Therapy, and Adult Depression (Mathew Withers, Melinda Gonzales-Backen, Jordan Montgomery, Fiorella Carlos Chavez)

Research Selections:

  • Adapting and Testing a Parenting Program for the Homeless (Jamila Reynolds, Kendal Holtrop)
  • Ambiguous Loss: Phenomenological Exploration of Miscarriage (Kathleen McGee, Kami Gallus)
  • Attachment and Forgiveness in Romantic Relationships (Jonathan Kimmes, Jared Durtschi)
  • Black Church Leaders and Mental Health: Policy Implications (Brianna Bilkins, Argie Allen, Maureen Davey, Elizabeth Okunrounmu)
  • Community Partnership Model in Addressing Mental Health Disparities (Paul Springer, Richard Bischoff, Nathan Taylor)
  • Couple Conflict Resolution & Relationship Self-Regulation (Jeffry Larson, Rebecca Hamilton, Kevin Shafer, Thomas Gruenewald)
  • Date Nights linked with Relationship Quality and Dissolution (Preston Morgan, Jared Durtschi, Jonathan Kimmes, Cameron Brown)
  • Differentiation and Attachment: An Empirical Comparison (Jared Durtschi, Jonathan Kimmes, Cameron Brown)
  • Does Having Siblings Affect Partner Conflict? (Erica Carpenter)
  • Impact of Sibling Death during Adolescence on Later Couple Attachment (David Zolman, Braden Brown, W. David Robinson, Krystal Cox)
  • Individual Self-esteem and Partner Attachment Behaviors (Darin Knapp, Jared Durtschi, Charity Clifford, Patricia Barros-Gomes, Jonathan Kimmes, Jonathan Sandberg)
  • Internal Working Models between Late Childhood and Early Adulthood (Lin Shi)
  • Interruptions in Therapy: Gender, Type, and Frequency (Eunicia Jones, Megan Oka)
  • Measuring Attachment Behaviors for Couples in Clinical Samples (Stephanie Davis, Joshua Novak, Jonathan Sandberg, Dean Busby)
  • Promoting Relationship Health Through Technology (Stacy Conner, Amber Vennum, Sharon Luu Deitz, Jonathan Kimmes, Kendra McVey, Elizabeth Cook)
  • Tele-Mental Health Training: Making it Work (Richard Bischoff, Paul Springer, Adam Farero)
  • Therapist Differentiation and Therapeutic Alliance (Samuel Shannon, David Bowers, Eugene Holowacz, Suzanne Bartle-Haring)
  • Variance in Couple Differentiation: Satisfaction and Status (Samuel Shannon, Suzanne Bartle-Haring, Hana Yoo)
  • Who Benefits from Couple Therapy?: The Road to Satisfaction (Bryan Kubricht, Richard Miller, Li Ping Su, Lee Johnson, Scott Ketring, Rachel Tambling)

Session 3

Saturday, September 5, 7:15 – 8:15 a.m.

Cutting Edge Research Selections:

  • Dyadic Latent Growth Model: Interracial Couples (Zenova Williams, Jared Durtschi)
  • Growth Mixture Modeling: First-Time Parents’ Relationships (Laura Schachtner, Jared Durtschi, Jonathan Kimmes, Cameron Brown)

Research Selections:

  • A Contextual Analysis of High and Low Fidelity to EFT (Joshua Novak, Jonathan Sandberg, Bradford Stucki, Stephanie Davis, Andrew Brown, Lori Schade)
  • A Phenomenological Exploration of the Factors Affecting Co-parenting (Matthew Brosi, Beatriz Stanley, Ronald Cox)
  • Adult Children of Divorce: A Retrospective Phenomenological Study (Sheala Morrison, Stephen Fife, Katherine Matthews)
  • Does Attachment Moderate Self Esteem and Relationship Satisfaction? (AlexisLee, AngelaBradford, JonathanSandberg)
  • Gender Differences in Experience during a Relationship Checkup (Melissa Carr, Allyson Evans, Ryan Seedall, W. David Robinson, David Zolman, Braden Brown)
  • Intersection of Religion and LGBT Identities in CFT Training (Thomas Stone Carlson, Christine McGeorge, Russell Toomey)
  • Latinas’ Marital Expectations: Influence on Self-Esteem, Depression, and Acculturative Stress (Joanna Mendez-Pounds, Ashlee Miller)
  • Measuring Monogamism: Awareness, Knowledge & Skills (AnneProuty, MarkieBlumer, CoreenHaym, MeganVandenBosch)
  • MFT Practice in Taiwan: Challenges and Transformation (Pei-Fen Li, Jerry Gale)
  • Premarital Counseling and Problem Solving in Newlyweds (Stephanie Armes, Chalandra Bryant)
  • Reducing Defensiveness & Increasing Cultural Awareness (Sesen Negash, Emily Eckstein, Ashley Cherry)
  • Reunification of Adopted and/or Fostered American Indians (Ashley Landers, Sharon Danes, Sandy White Hawk)
  • Sickle Cell Disease: Not Only ‘Culture and Diversity’ (Mary Apio)
  • Staying Together: The Journey of Healing After Infidelity (Stephen Fife, Christel Vincent, Jenae Lindsey, Heather Reinarz, Jennifer Bolick, Chey'Anne Harris)
  • Structural Theory and Substance Use Among Hispanic Dyads (Ulia Fisher, Rikki Patton)
  • Technology Mediated Communication in Intimate Relationships (Aaron Norton, Joyce Baptist)
  • The Experience of MFT Managers in Public Mental Health Settings (Katherine Leahy, Linna Wang)
  • Understanding Attachment and Couple Social Support Processes (Ellen Lachmar, Ryan Seedall)

 Session 4

Saturday, September 5 1:15 – 2:15 p.m. 

Cutting Edge Research Selections:

  • Coping in Parents of Children with Down Syndrome (Nicole Springer, Briana Nelson Goff)
  • Meta-Analysis of Military/Civilian IPV Risk Markers (Erika Smith, Maria Dominguez, Bryan Cafferky, Sandra Stith)

 Research Selections:

  • A Qualitative Exploration of MFT Ethics and Technology (Michael Pennington, Rikki Patton, Amber Fensler, Heather Katafiasz)
  • Couples Coping with Stress: Life in the Military (Adrian Blow, Sara Lappan, Emily Nichols, Mavath Sailaja Subamaniam, Adam Farero, Lisa Gorman)
  • Differentiation, Stress and Health: A Longitudinal Analysis (Megan Ferriby, Suzanne Bartle-Haring, Randal Day)
  • Emerging Field Experiences: Working in Rural Uganda (Elsa Kraus)
  • Experiences in Doctoral Research Training (Christopher K. Belous, Ryan Seedall)
  • Fathers in the Military: Implications for Family Therapists (Travis Johnson, Adam Farero, Adrian Blow, Lisa Gorman, Michelle Kees)
  • Low Trauma Disclosure in a Sample of Military Couples (Kali Summers, Briana Nelson Goff)
  • Marital Quality in T2 Diabetes Patients and their Spouse (Sharon Luu Deitz, Jared Anderson, Matthew Johnson, Nathan Hardy)
  • Marital Satisfaction and PTSD Development Post-Deployment (Stephanie Armes, Katelyn Tippett, Ronald Werner-Wilson)
  • Marriage and Family Therapy Student Mentorship: A Model for Training (Nicole O'Brien, Rona Preli)
  • Predicting Arrests from Adolescence to Early Adulthoo (Adam Downs, Richard Wampler, Ryan Seedall)
  • Preparing and Transitioning to In-home Therapy for MFT (Leyna Vo, Liang-Ying Chou)
  • Substance Use and Gender Among a Military Sample (Megan Vitek, Rikki Patton, Heather Katafiasz)
  • The Immigrant Population: Our Clinical and Ethical Responsibility (Florence Lewis, Song Paik, Bridget Sanchez, Chi-Fang Tseng)
  • The Lived Experience of Obesity: A Phenomenological Study (Rola Aamar, Jaclyn Cravens, Jason Whiting)
  • The Relationship Between MFT students’ Knowledge and Skills (Jennifer Cates, Bobbi Miller, Joanna Stratton, Jody Huntington, Matthew King, Alyssa Bowman)
  • Training for Relational-Level Trauma in COAMFTE Accredited Programs (Damir Utrzan, Noah Gagner)
  • Weight Loss Surgery & Marital Status: A Narrative Review (Megan Ferriby, Keeley Pratt)

Session 5

Saturday, September 5, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Cutting Edge Research Selections:

  • All Alone? How Social Isolation Affects BMI in Children (Morgan Stinson, Andrea Meyer, Monique Willis, Torree Nwachukwu, Neva Evans, Hubert Whitten)
  • Mental Illnesses as Risk Markers for IPV: A Meta-Analysis (Allen Mallory, Jessica High, Chelsea Spencer, Kimberly Van, Bryan Cafferky, Sandra Stith)

Research Selections:

  • Breaking Ground: MFTs Engaged in IPV Prevention (Emily Nichols, Ruben Parra-Cardona, Christin Carotta, Amy Bonomi)
  • Childhood Abuse and Parental Obligation in Middle-Adulthood (Elizabeth Parker, Candice Maier, Armeda Stevenson Wojciak)
  • Childhood Abuse Types on Attachment, Aggression & Violence (Tabitha Webster, Jeremy Yorgason, Jonathan Sandberg)
  • Couple Communication Patterns and Intimate Partner Violence (Douglas Smith, Jason Whiting, Jeffrey Crane, Kaitlyn Felderhoff, Anne Stapp)
  • Forming Typologies of Individuals Who Use Pornography (Cameron Brown, Jared Durtschi, Darin Knapp)
  • Impact of Sexual Communication on Sexual and Marital Satisfaction (Adam Jones, W. David Robinson)
  • Intergenerational Transmission of Violence in Malaysia (Joyce Baptist, Yile Su)
  • Interpersonal Attunement in the Digital Age: MFT Considerations (Dana Riger)
  • Low-income Couples: The Impact of an Autism Diagnosis (Kristy De Leon, Liang-Ying Chou)
  • Measuring Cisgenderism: Awareness, Knowledge & Skills (Markie Blumer, Y. Gavriel Ansara, Julie Miller, Megan VandenBosch)
  • Neuro-biological effects of Narrative informed Interviews (James Hibel, Michelle Ann Manley, Alicia Bosley, Terri Neipert)
  • Not like in the Therapy Room: MFTs in Community Advocacy (Gabriela Lopez-Zeron, Elizabeth Aguilar, Adam Farero, Emily Nichols, Ruben Parra-Cardona, Cris Sullivan)
  • Parents At-Risk and their Children: Gender Beliefs (Jordan Montgomery, Allison Rayburn, Casey Chaviano, Lenore McWey)
  • Partner Violence among Migrant Farmworkers and Healthcare (Jonathan Wilson, Damon Rappleyea, Jennifer Hodgson, Andrew Brimhall)
  • Relationship Quality, Coparenting, and School Involvement (Micha Berryhill)
  • Same-Sex Couples After DOMA’s Section Three Repeal Poster (Alicia Bosley, Tommie Boyd )
  • Spirituality and Attachment as Therapeutic Alliance Predictors (Dallas Dralle, David Nalbone, Lorna Hecker, J. Mark Killmer)

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