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I would like to sign up for membership.  What category best suits my particular circumstances?

  • If you are enrolled in a graduate or post-degree training program that can be reasonably expected to lead towards licensure as a marriage and family therapist and AAMFT Clinical Fellow the appropriate category is Student.
  • If you are a persons who work with couples and families, but do not hold a family therapy license, and for whom AAMFT student, pre-clinical fellow or clinical fellow is not applicable the appropriate category is Affiliate.
  • If you earned a graduate degree in marriage and family therapy, or a related mental health discipline, and are working on the clinical hours required for MFT licensure and AAMFT Clinical Fellow the appropriate category is Pre-Clinical Fellow.
  • If you have a license in marriage and family therapy from a state this is accepted by the AAMFT the appropriate category is Clinical Fellow

How much are dues with AAMFT?

Clinical Fellow:           $201.00 plus Division Dues
Member:                     $201.00 plus Division Dues
Pre-Clinical Fellow:    $146.00 plus Division Dues  
Associate Member:    $146.00 plus Division Dues 
Student Member:       $58.00 plus Division Dues 
Affiliate Member:        $161.00 plus  Division Dues 
Clinical Members residing outside the United States and Canada:  $128.00 (Division Dues are not applicable)

Does AAMFT have an impressive membership?

Yes. AAMFT is the association of choice for Marriage and Family Therapists. Currently, its membership approximately 25,000 and counting.

I need to transfer my membership to another category.  How do I do that?

In order to transfer your membership appropriately to another category please complete and submit a transfer application.  You can access that application at:

I’ve let my AAMFT membership lapse and would like to reinstate.  How do I do that?

In order to complete your reinstatement, please fill out and submit the reinstatement application found here:

Once submitted it will be processed accordingly and you will be contacted to inform you that you have been updated.

How long does it take to process an application after it has been received?

5 to 7 business days.  You will be notified by email after your application has been processed.

How Do I Contact AAMFT?

By phone:  (703)838-9808

By email:
By fax (703) 838-9805
By Mail:  AAMFT 112 South Alfred Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

Once I sign up, what cycle is my membership on?  Calendar Year?

Your membership will reflect the current time period for which you are applying.  For instance, if you sign up on November 15th, your membership begin date will be December 1st and will expire the following year on November 30th.

Dues are by anniversary and runs from the time you join/renew until the following year during that same time of the year.  Invoices are mailed beginning 90 days prior to your expiration date. Full payment is due by your expiration date. Several follow-up invoices are emailed to unpaid members, at 60 and 30 days before and after your expiration.

If I sign up and decide for any reason that I want to terminate my membership, are my dues and fees refundable?

No.  Dues and fees paid to AAMFT are non-refundable.

Does the application for membership need to be completed electronically?

No, while we encourage you to join online so that you can start receiving your benefits immediately, you can also download the application and mail or fax to us along with payment and additional information as necessary.

I do not want to submit my application electronically.  What other ways can I send it?

By fax (703) 838-9805
By Mail:  AAMFT 112 South Alfred Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

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