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Site Visitor Training

Welcome to the At-Home Site Visitor Training Module - Part I. This program is designed for both new site visitors and to serve as a refresher for existing site visitors. Thank you for your commitment to marriage and family therapy education. Site visitors are truly the backbone of the accreditation process. The Commission relies on the expertise, integrity, and dedication of its site visit volunteers to carry out on-site program reviews. This training module serves as 1/2 of the complete training program. All individuals wishing to become a site visitor must complete this module and then attend the 3-hour Site Visitor Training at the AAMFT Annual Conference.  Please contact the Director of Educational Affairs for more information.

The first step in becoming a COAMFTE site visitor is to ensure that you have met all the requirements thereof. The COAMFTE maintains Site Visitor Qualifications which are as follows:

Site Visitor Qualifications (excerpted from Master Accreditation Manual: Policies & Procedures)

Qualifications for Site Visitors:

  • Minimum of five (5) years experience as a practitioner/educator in the field of marriage and family therapy
  • Significant experience as an educator/trainer in the field of marriage and family therapy (which includes but not limited to: experience in a university, clinical, or related setting)
  • Experience in performing supervisory administrative duties
  • Current knowledge of the standards for marriage and family therapy education
  • Successful completion of COAMFTE Site Visitor Training
  • Clinical member of AAMFT & licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Current knowledge and experience in the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Participation in a site visit every three (3) years*

*Site visitors must participate in a site visit within three years from their site visitor training, and at least within three years of their last site visit.  Site visitors who do not participate in a site visit every three years will be considered inactive and must retake the site visitor training prior to participation in a site visit.

Qualified site visitors who are ineligible to participate in site visits due to other AAMFT organizational service will retain their site visitor status during their term of service and for the three years immediately following the completion of their term of service.  Commission Members who satisfy the Site Visitor Qualifications during their term on the Commission shall retain their site visitor status for their term of service and for the three years immediately following the completion of their term of service.

Individuals not meeting the above reference criteria should not continue with the training program. Individuals who have met the above criteria should submit application materials: (1) a letter of interest and (2) a current CV/Resume to the Director of Educational Affairs at to gain access to the At-Home Training Module.

The At-Home Training Module includes three segments of training:

  1. A review of accreditation materials:

a.     Accreditation Process and Timeline

       Accreditation Manual: Policies and Procedures

c.       Accreditation Forms

d.       Accreditation Standards

e.       Understanding Version 11 Standards

f.      Professional Marriage and Family Therapy Principles

  1. A review of accreditation presentations:

a.       Accreditation Workshop

b.       Site Visitor Training

  1. Attendance of the 3-hour Site Visitor Training Seminar (Annual Conference)

 Your Requirements

Following your review of the accreditation materials listed above, and the review of the two presentations included within the module, you will be asked to provide to the Director of Educational Affairs with a signed Site Visitor Training Completion Form, containing essay and multiple choice questions.  

After you have sucessfully completed the training program and attended the conference seminar, the final phase is hands-on training via participation on an actual site visit. Following participation on a site visit the team members, the team chair, and the COAMFTE Representative will provide you with valuable feedback about your strengths and weaknesses. These evaluations may yield suggestions for areas to improve your site visitor ability.

Where To Begin

Upon supplying Site Visitor Training Completion form, the Director of Educational Affairs will alert you to the next steps of the process, i.e., attending the conference seminar.

Please be aware that failure to adequately address the Site Visitor Training Completion section will result in site visitor status being denied.

About Accreditation

Accreditation is a voluntary process whose major purpose is to ensure quality in higher education. Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE) reviews graduate programs in marriage and family therapy at a masters, doctoral and post-degree levels and grants accreditation to programs that meet and/or exceed accreditation standards.

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Accreditation Standards

Programs applying for COAMFTE accreditation are required to meet or exceed current Accreditation Standards throughout their period of accreditation.

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Accreditation Manual

The accreditation process is governed by the COAMFTE Accreditation Manual: Policies and Procedures.

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