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Meet the AAMFT Board of Directors

Marvarene Oliver, EdD


Corpus Christi, TX
(Term Expires Dec. 2016)

Christopher Habben, PhD


Lenexa, KS
(Term Expires Dec. 2016)

Michael Chafin, MEd

Past President

Atlanta, GA
(Term Expires Dec. 2015)

Thomas Smith, PhD


Auburn, AL
(Term Expires Dec. 2017)

Mike Fitzpatrick, MSW


Seattle, WA
(Term Expires Dec. 2016)

Marj Castronova, PhD


Henderson, NV
(Term Expires Dec. 2017)

Eli A. Karam, PhD

Louisville, KY
(Term Expires Dec. 2016)

Shelley Hanson, MA

Tigard, OR
(Term Expires Dec. 2015)

Linda Oxford, MSSW

Memphis, TN
(Term Expires Dec. 2015)

Karen Westbrooks, PhD

Louisville, KY
(Term Expires Dec. 2017)

Tresa "Tess" Wiggins, MS

Bellingham, WA
(Term Expires Dec. 2016)

Darin Wallis, PhD

Council of Division Presidents Representative

Denver, CO
(Term Expires Dec. 2016)

Travis O. Johnson

Student/Associate Member

Syracuse, NY
(Term Expires Dec. 2015)

Contact the Board

The AAMFT Board welcomes contact from members!

Email the Board of Directors at: board@aamft.org.

Send the AAMFT Board of Directors a letter at:
AAMFT Board of Directors
112 S. Alfred Street,
Alexandria, VA 22314

AAMFT Board of Directors Minutes

Are you an AAMFT member and want to know more about what goes on at our AAMFT Board Meetings?


Board Interaction and Relationship with Members

Board meetings, as specified by Roberts Rules, are not generally open to members.  AAMFT, as a private corporation, is not bound by open meetings laws.  However, if the Board receives a request from a member to attend and observe a Board meeting at least 60 days prior to the meeting, it may consider and authorize attendance, subject to the following conditions: read more

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