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Health Reform States Database

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Please note: This information is based upon data collected by AAMFT staff. The data represents AAMFT’s best estimate of the status of MFT recognition in Medicaid for each state. This information only tracks recognition of MFTs in private practice in Medicaid, not the status of MFTs who work in clinics with Medicaid. For states where Medicaid does not recognize MFTs in private practice, we have not listed any information on managed care networks. Even Medicaid plans that appear to broadly recognize MFTs might not recognize MFTs as providers in each Medicaid service category or health plan.  Since MFT status with Medicaid plans can change at any time, AAMFT does not guarantee that these plans will recognize MFTs.

  • Members may report their experiences with the health reform law by contacting us at: advocacy@aamft.org.
  • Read FTM article "The Basics of Healthcare Reform" by Brian Rasmussen PhD, to learn how healthcare financing reform under the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) will affect you as an MFT.